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Publications of Lucky O. Omoigui (9 listed):

Experimental Agriculture (2020) 56, 620-632
Alpha Y. Kamara, Abebe Menkir, David Chikoye, Abdullahi I. Tofa, Aminu A. Fagge, Rabiu Dahiru, Reuben Solomon, Temitope Ademulegun, Lucky Omoigui, Kamaluddin T. Aliyu and Nkeki Kamai (2020)
Mitigating Striga hermonthica parasitism and damage in maize using soybean rotation, nitrogen application, and Striga-resistant varieties in the Nigerian savannas

Euphytica (2019) 215 (5 - 101)
Lucky O. Omoigui, Matilda O. Arrey, Alpha Y. Kamara, Catherine C. Danmaigona, Godspower Ekeruo and Michael P. Timko (2019)
Inheritance of resistance to Cercospora leaf spot disease of cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp]

Plant Breeding (2018) 137, 773-781
Lucky O. Omoigui, Catherine C. Danmaigona, Alpha Y. Kamara, Ebenezer J. Ekefan and Michael P. Timko (2018)
Genetic analysis of Fusarium wilt resistance in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata Walp.)

Euphytica (2017) 213 (11 - 244)
Lucky O. Omoigui, Alpha Y. Kamara, Hakeem A. Ajeigbe, Richard O. Akinwale, Michael P. Timko, Muhyideen Oyekunle and Lateef L. Bello (2017)
Performance of cowpea varieties under Striga gesnerioides (Willd.) Vatke infestation using biplot analysis

Euphytica (2017) 213 (8 - 178)
L.O. Omoigui, G.C. Ekeuro, A.Y. Kamara, L.L. Bello, M.P. Timko and G.O. Ogunwolu (2017)
New sources of aphids [Aphis craccivora (Koch)]resistance in cowpea germplasm using phenotypic and molecular marker approaches

Plant Breeding (2017) 136, 393-399
Lucky O. Omoigui, Alpha Y. Kamara, Yonnele D. Moukoumbi, Liasu A. Ogunkanmi and Michael P. Timko (2017)
Breeding cowpea for resistance to Striga gesnerioides in the Nigerian dry savannas using marker-assisted selection

Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection (2013) 46, 52-63
Alpha Y. Kamara, Sylvester U. Ewansiha, Hakeem A. Ajeigbe and Lucky O. Omoigui (2013)
Response of old and new cowpea varieties to insecticide spray regimes in the Sudan savanna of Nigeria

International Journal of Pest Management (2008) 54, 189-195
A.Y. Kamara, D. Chikoye, F. Ekeleme, L.O. Omoigui and I.Y. Dugje (2008)
Field performance of improved cowpea varieties under conditions of natural infestation by the parasitic weed Striga gesnerioides

Experimental Agriculture (2008) 44, 349-364
A.Y. Kamara, J. Ellis-Jones, P. Amaza, L.O. Omoigui, J. Helsen, I.Y. Dugje, N. Kamai, A. Menkir and R.W. White (2008)
A participatory approach to increasing productivity of maize through Striga hermonthica control in Northeast Nigeria