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Publications of Michael P. Timko (20 listed):

Weed Science (2020) 68, 125-133
Erik W. Ohlson and Michael P. Timko (2020)
Race structure of cowpea witchweed (Striga gesnerioides) in West Africa and its implications for Striga resistance breeding of cowpea

New Phytologist (2020) 226, 891-908
Chun Su, Hai Liu, Eric K. Wafula, Loren Honaas, Claude W. de Pamphilis and Michael P. Timko (2020)
SHR4z, a novel decoy effector from the haustorium of the parasitic weed Striga gesnerioides, suppresses host plant immunity

Euphytica (2019) 215 (5 - 101)
Lucky O. Omoigui, Matilda O. Arrey, Alpha Y. Kamara, Catherine C. Danmaigona, Godspower Ekeruo and Michael P. Timko (2019)
Inheritance of resistance to Cercospora leaf spot disease of cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp]

Weed Science (2019) 67, 397-411
Lua Lopez, Emily S. Bellis, Eric Wafula, Sarah J. Hearne, Loren Honaas, Paula E. Ralph, Michael P. Timko, Nnanna Unachukwu, Claude W. dePamphilis and Jesse R. Lasky (2019)
Transcriptomics of host-specific interactions in natural populations of the parasitic plant purple witchweed (Striga hermonthica)

Plant Breeding (2019) 138, 599-604
Frank Essem, Erik W. Ohlson, Aaron T. Asare and Michael P. Timko (2019)
Genetic markers linked to Striga gesnerioides resistance for the improvement of Ghanaian cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) cultivars

Annual Review of Phytopathology (2019) 57, 279-299
Christopher R. Clarke, Michael P. Timko, John I. Yoder, Michael J. Axtell and James H. Westwood (2019)
Molecular dialog between parasitic plants and their hosts

Molecular Breeding (2018) 38 (110) - Quantitative trait loci ...
Erik W. Ohlson, Gilles I. Thio, Mahamadou Sawadogo, Paco Sérémé and Michael P. Timko (2018)
Quantitative trait loci analysis of brown blotch resistance in cowpea variety KN1

Plant Breeding (2017) 136, 393-399
Lucky O. Omoigui, Alpha Y. Kamara, Yonnele D. Moukoumbi, Liasu A. Ogunkanmi and Michael P. Timko (2017)
Breeding cowpea for resistance to Striga gesnerioides in the Nigerian dry savannas using marker-assisted selection

Euphytica (2017) 213 (11 - 244)
Lucky O. Omoigui, Alpha Y. Kamara, Hakeem A. Ajeigbe, Richard O. Akinwale, Michael P. Timko, Muhyideen Oyekunle and Lateef L. Bello (2017)
Performance of cowpea varieties under Striga gesnerioides (Willd.) Vatke infestation using biplot analysis

American Journal of Plant Sciences (2015) 6, 1151-1166
Malay Das, Monica Fernández-Aparicio, Zhenzhen Yang, Kan Huang, Norman J. Wickett, Shannon Alford, Eric K. Wafula, Claude de Pamphilis, Harro Bouwmeester, Michael P. Timko, John I. Yoder and James H. Westwood (2015)
Parasitic plants Striga and Phelipanche dependent upon exogenous strigolactones for germination have retained genes for strigolactone biosynthesis

New Phytologist (2014) 202, 531-541
Qing Liu, Yanxia Zhang, Radoslava Matusova, Tatsiana Charnikhova, Maryam Amini, Muhammad Jamil, Monica Fernandez-Aparicio, Kan Huang, Michael P. Timko, James H. Westwood, Carolien Ruyter-Spira, Sander van der Krol and Harro J. Bouwmeester (2014)
Striga hermonthica MAX2 restores branching but not the Very Low Fluence Response in the Arabidopsis thaliana max2 mutant

Weed Science (2012) 60, 295-306
James H. Westwood, Claude W. dePamphilis, Malay Das, Mónica Fernández-Aparicio, Loren A. Honaas, Michael P. Timko, Eric K. Wafula, Norman J. Wickett and John I. Yoder (2012)
The parasitic plant genome project: New tools for understanding the biology of Orobanche and Striga

Weed Science (2012) 60, 307-315
Michael P. Timko, Kan Huang and Karolina E. Lis (2012)
Host resistance and parasite virulence in Striga-host plant interactions: A shifting balance of power

Pest Management Science (2009) 65, 520-527
Jianxiong Li, Karolina E. Lis and Michael P. Timko (2009)
Molecular genetics of race-specific resistance of cowpea to Striga gesnerioides (Willd.)

Phytopathology (2005) 95, 1166-1173
Christopher J. Botanga and Michael P. Timko (2005)
Genetic structure and analysis of host and nonhost interactions of Striga gesnerioides (witchweed) from central Florida

Euphytica (2002) 128, 375-388
Christopher J. Botanga, Jennifer G. Kling, Dana K. Berner and Michael P. Timko (2002)
Genetic variability of Striga asiatica (L.) Kuntz based on AFLP analysis and host-parasite interaction

Euphytica (2002) 126, 365-377
Bhavani S. Gowda, Jennifer L. Miller, Sarah S. Rubin, Dilram R. Sharma and Michael P. Timko (2002)
Isolation, sequence analysis, and linkage mapping of resistance-gene analogs in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.)

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2001) 102, 1029-1036
J.T. Ouédraogo, V. Maheshwari, D.K. Berner, C.-A. St-Pierre, F. Belzile and M.P. Timko (2001)
Identification of AFLP markers linked to resistance of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) to parasitism by Striga gesnerioides

The Plant Journal (1999) 20, 217-230
Bhavani S. Gowda, James L. Riopel and Michael P. Timko (1999)
NRSA-1: a resistance gene homolog expressed in roots of non-host plants following parasitism by Striga asiatica (witchweed)

Phytopathology (1998) 88, 70-75
M.E. Hood, J.M. Condon, M.P. Timko and J.L. Riopel (1998)
Primary haustorial development of Striga asiatica on host and nonhost species