Kangfu Yu

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Publications of Kangfu Yu

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2012) 125, 1525-1537
Chun Shi, Kangfu Yu, Weilong Xie, Gregory Perry, Alireza Navabi, K. Peter Pauls, Phillip N. Miklas and Deidré Fourie (2012)
Development of candidate gene markers associated to common bacterial blight resistance in common bean

Plant Breeding (2008) 127, 62-68
S. Liu, K. Yu and S.J. Park (2008)
Development of STS markers and QTL validation for common bacterial blight resistance in common bean

Journal of Phytopathology (2006) 154, 303-308
S. Chaudhary, T.R. Anderson, S.J. Park and K. Yu (2006)
Comparison of screening methods for resistance to Fusarium root rot in common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Euphytica (2004) 138, 89-95
Kangfu Yu, Soon J. Park, Bailing Zhang, Margaret Haffner and Vaino Poysa (2004)
An SSR marker in the nitrate reductase gene of common bean is tightly linked to a major gene conferring resistance to common bacterial blight

Plant Breeding (2000) 119, 411-415
K. Yu, S.J. Park and V. Poysa (2000)
Marker-assisted selection of common beans for resistance to common bacterial blight: efficacy and economics