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Publications of Jonathan Gressel

Pest Management Science (2018) 74, 511-515
Jonathan Gressel (2018)
Microbiome facilitated pest resistance: potential problems and uses

Pest Management Science (2018) 74, 17-21
Jonathan Gressel and Guy Polturak (2018)
Suppressing aflatoxin biosynthesis is not a breakthrough if not useful

Pest Management Science (2017) 73, 22-34
Jonathan Gressel, Aaron J. Gassmann and Micheal D.K. Owen (2017)
How well will stacked transgenic pest/herbicide resistances delay pests from evolving resistance?

Weed Science (2012) 60, 283-289
Joel Ransom, Fred Kanampiu, Jonathan Gressel, Hugo De Groote, Michael Burnet and George Odhiambo (2012)
Herbicide applied to imidazolinone resistant-maize seed as a Striga control option for small-scale African farmers

Pest Management Science (2009) 65, 588-595
Sagit Meir, Ziva Amsellem, Hani Al-Ahmad, Einat Safran and Jonathan Gressel (2009)
Transforming a NEP1 toxin gene into two Fusarium spp. to enhance mycoherbicide activity on Orobanche - failure and success

Pest Management Science (2009) 65, 560-565
Jonathan Gressel (2009)
Crops with target-site herbicide resistance for Orobanche and Striga control

Phytopathology (2002) 92, 590-596
Barry A. Cohen, Ziva Amsellem, Rudy Maor, Amir Sharon and Jonathan Gressel (2002)
Transgenically enhanced expression of indole-3-acetic acid confers hypervirulence to plant pathogens

Pest Management Science (2002) 58, 1187-1193
Dvora Aviv, Ziva Amsellem and Jonathan Gressel (2002)
Transformation of carrots with mutant acetolactate synthase for Orobanche (broomrape) control

BioControl (2001) 46, 211-228
Z. Amsellem, S. Barghouthi, B. Cohen, Y. Goldwasser, J. Gressel, L. Hornok, Z. Kerenyi, Y. Kleifeld, O. Klein, J. Kroschel, J. Sauerborn, D. Müller-Stöver, H. Thomas, M. Vurro and M-C. Zonno (2001)
Recent advances in the biocontrol of Orobanche (broomrape) species

Phytoparasitica (2000) 28 (2) - Herbicide seed dressings of ...
F.K. Kanampiu, J.K. Ransom and J. Gressel (2000)
Herbicide seed dressings of corn bearing ALS target-site resistance with ALS-inhibiting herbicides for witchweed control
XIVth International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC), July 25-30, 1999, Jerusalem, Israel, poster

Weed Science (2000) 48, 176-180
Grzegorz Gadamski, Dorota Ciarka, Jonathan Gressel and Stanislaw W. Gawronski (2000)
Negative cross-resistance in triazine-resistant biotypes of Echinochloa crus-galli and Conyza canadensis

Phytoparasitica (1999) 27 (2) - Isolation of mycoherbicidal ...
Ziva Amsellem, Y. Kleifeld, Z. Kernyi, L. Hornok, Y. Goldwasser and J. Gressel (1999)
Isolation of mycoherbicidal pathogens from juvenile broomrape plants
The 15th Conference of the Weed Science Society of Israel, March 4, 1998, Bet Dagan, Israel

Phytoparasitica (1999) 27 (2) - Treatment of transgenic ...
D.M. Joel, V.H. Portnoy, J. Gressel and Ziva Amsellem (1999)
Treatment of transgenic herbicide-resistant seeds for broomrape control
The 15th Conference of the Weed Science Society of Israel, March 4, 1998, Bet Dagan, Israel

Phytoparasitica (1999) 27 (2) - Oxidative stress induces ...
Bin Ye and J. Gressel (1999)
Oxidative stress induces antioxidant enzyme protectants and paraquat resistance in Conyza bonariensis
The 15th Conference of the Weed Science Society of Israel, March 4, 1998, Bet Dagan, Israel

Phytoparasitica (1999) 27 (2) - Green fluorescent protein ...
B. Cohen, Ziva Amsellem, A. Sharon and J. Gressel (1999)
Green fluorescent protein (gGFP) as a marker in a phytopathogenic fungus, Fusarium oxysporum, on Orobanche
The 15th Conference of the Weed Science Society of Israel, March 4, 1998, Bet Dagan, Israel

Weed Science (1998) 46, 459-466
Gordon O. Abayo, Terry English, Robert E. Eplee, Fred K. Kanampiu, Joel K. Ransom and Jonathan Gressel (1998)
Control of parasitic witchweeds (Striga spp.) on corn (Zea mays) resistant to acetolactate synthase inhibitors

Phytoparasitica (1998) 26 (4) - Enhancing infectivity of a ...
J. Gressel, D. Michaeli, A. Warshawsky and V. Kampel (1998)
Enhancing infectivity of a Colletotrichum mycoherbicide by chemically inhibiting callose biosynthesis
International Workshop on Host Specificity, Pathology and Host-Pathogen Interaction of Colletotrichum, August 29 - September 1, 1998, Jerusalem, Israel

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (1998) 96, 132-137
T. Surov, D. Aviv, R. Aly, D.M. Joel, T. Goldman-Guez and J. Gressel (1998)
Generation of transgenic asulam-resistant potatoes to facilitate eradication of parasitic broomrapes (Orobanche spp.), with the sul gene as the selectable marker