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Publications of John P. Burand (13 listed):

Journal of General Virology (2020) 101 (1 - 1381)
Robert L. Harrison, Elisabeth A. Herniou, Annie Bézier, Johannes A. Jehle, John P. Burand, David A. Theilmann, Peter J. Krell, Monique M. van Oers, Madoka Nakai and ICTV Report Consortium (2020)
ICTV virus taxonomy profile: Nudiviridae

Environmental Microbiology (2019) 21, 972-983
Elizabeth A. Murray, John Burand, Natalia Trikoz, Julia Schnabel, Heather Grab and Bryan N. Danforth (2019)
Viral transmission in honey bees and native bees, supported by a global Black queen cell virus phylogeny

Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology (2019) 66, 424-434
Katelyn L. Donahue, Hannah J. Broadley, Joseph S. Elkinton, John P. Burand, Wei-Fone Huang and Jeremy C. Andersen (2019)
Using the SSU, ITS, and ribosomal DNA operon arrangement to characterize two microsporidia infecting Bruce spanworm, Operophtera bruceata (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)

Journal of Insect Science (2018) 18 (3 - 2)
Jennifer Schaler, John Stoffolano, Anna Maria Fausto, Gabriella Gambellini and John Burand (2018)
Effect of diet on adult house fly (Diptera: Muscidae) injected with the Salivary gland hypertrophy virus (MdSGHV)

Viruses (2017) 9 (10 - 307)
Robert L. Harrison, Daniel L. Rowley, Joseph D. Mowery, Gary R. Bauchan and John P. Burand (2017)
The Operophtera brumata nucleopolyhedrovirus (OpbuNPV) represents an early, divergent lineage within genus Alphabaculovirus

Viruses (2012) 4, 28-61
John P. Burand, Woojin Kim, Claudio L. Afonso, Edan R. Tulman, Gerald F. Kutish, Zhiqiang Lu and Daniel L. Rock (2012)
Analysis of the genome of the sexually transmitted insect virus Helicoverpa zea nudivirus 2

Journal of General Virology (2009) 90, 334-346
Alejandra Garcia-Maruniak, Adly M.M. Abd-Alla, Tamer Z. Salem, Andrew G. Parker, Verena-Ulrike Lietze, Monique M. van Oers, James E. Maruniak, Woojin Kim, John P. Burand, F. Cousserans, A.S. Robinson, J.M. Vlak, M. Bergoin and D.G. Boucias (2009)
Two viruses that cause salivary gland hypertrophy in Glossina pallidipes and Musca domestica are related and form a distinct phylogenetic clade

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2009) 75, 7862-7865
Anna Welch, Francis Drummond, Sunil Tewari, Anne Averill and John P. Burand (2009)
Presence and prevalence of viruses in local and migratory honeybees (Apis mellifera) in Massachusetts

Archives of Virology (2009) 154, 909-918
Adly M.M. Abd-Alla, J.M. Vlak, M. Bergoin, J.E. Maruniak, A. Parker, J.P. Burand, J.A. Jehle, D.G. Boucias and Hytrosavirus Study Group of the ICTV (2009)
Hytrosaviridae: a proposal for classification and nomenclature of a new insect virus family

Annals of the Entomological Society of America (2006) 99, 969-973
John P. Burand and Weijia Tan (2006)
Mate preference and mating behavior of male Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) infected with the sexually transmitted insect virus Hz-2V

Journal of Insect Science (2005) 5 (6), 1-6
J.P. Burand, W. Tan, W. Kim, S. Nojima and W. Roelofs (2005)
Infection with the insect virus Hz-2v alters mating behavior and pheromone production in female Helicoverpa zea moths

Journal of General Virology (1996) 77, 547-554
E.J. Park, C.M. Yin and J.P. Burand (1996)
Baculovirus replication alters hormone-regulated host development

European Journal of Entomology (1995) 92, 51-61
T.J. Kelly, E.J. Park, C.A. Masler and J.P. Burand (1995)
Characterization of the glycosylated ecdysteroids in the hemolymph of baculovirus-infected gypsy moth larvae and cells in culture