IMA Fungus (2014) 5, 473-486

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Magriet A. van der Nest, Lisa A. Beirn, Jo Anne Crouch, Jill E. Demers, Z. Wilhelm de Beer, Lieschen De Vos, Thomas R. Gordon, Jean-Marc Moncalvo, Kershney Naidoo, Santiago Sanchez-Ramirez, Danielle Roodt, Quentin C. Santana, Stephanie L. Slinski, Matt Stata, Stephen J. Taerum, P. Markus Wilken, Andrea M. Wilson, Michael J. Wingfield and Brenda D. Wingfield (2014)
Draft genomes of Amanita jacksonii, Ceratocystis albifundus, Fusarium circinatum, Huntiella omanensis, Leptographium procerum, Rutstroemia sydowiana, and Sclerotinia echinophila
IMA Fungus 5 (2), 473-486
Abstract: The genomes of fungi provide an important resource to resolve issues pertaining to their taxonomy, biology, and evolution. The genomes of Amanita jacksonii, Ceratocystis albifundus, a Fusarium circinatum variant, Huntiella omanensis, Leptographium procerum, Sclerotinia echinophila, and Rutstroemia sydowiana are presented in this genome announcement. These seven genomes are from a number of fungal pathogens and economically important species. The genome sizes range from 27 Mb in the case of Ceratocystis albifundus to 51.9 Mb for Rutstroemia sydowiana. The latter also encodes for a predicted 17 350 genes, more than double that of Ceratocystis albifundus. These genomes will add to the growing body of knowledge of these fungi and provide a value resource to researchers studying these fungi.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Database assignments for author(s): Magriet A. van der Nest, Brenda D. Wingfield, Michael J. Wingfield, Thomas R. Gordon, Z. Wilhelm de Beer, P. Markus Wilken

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molecular biology - genes

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Fusarium circinatum U.S.A. (SW)
Leptographium procerum Pine (Pinus) U.S.A. (NE)
Ceratocystis albifundus Terminalia (genus) South Africa
Huntiella omanensis Mango (Mangifera indica) Oman