Heterodera oryzae

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Heterodera oryzae - left side: cyst with anterior (top) and posterior (bottom) views, middle and right side from top to bottom: second-stage juveniles with stylet, lateral field, pharyngeal region, and tail region (black arrow: anus) - for scales please see publication (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Rose Mwesige et al.
Source: Journal of Nematology (2020) vol. 52 art. 113

Heterodera oryzae Luc & Berdon Brizuela, 1961 - (rice cyst nematode)

This nematode is found in rice-growing areas of Africa and Asia, causing stunting and chlorosis. However, it is considered to be less aggressive compared to Heterodera sacchari which also attacks rice.