Globisporangium (genus)

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Globisporangium splendens
Author: JKI Institute for Microbiology
Source: Open Media

Globisporangium Uzuhashi, Tojo & Kakish. 2010

The genus Globisporangium contains more than 50 species of plant pathogenic and soil-borne oomycetes. It is closely related to the genus Pythium and most of the important plant pathogens of Globisporangium have been classified under Pythium until 2010. These include, for example, Globisporangium ultimum and G. irregulare.

The genus is based on the molecular structure of the large subunit ribosomal DNA D1/D2 region and the cytochrome oxidase II gene region of its member species. As the name of the genus suggest, the sporangia are typically globose, but sometimes also lemon-shaped or clavate.

Type species: Globisporangium paroecandrum

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: