Gilbertella persicaria

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scanning EM image of sporangium of Gilbertella persicaria (click on image to enlarge it)
Source: Flickr

Gilbertella persicaria (E.D. Eddy) Hesselt. 1960

This fungus is widely distributed and causes soft rot diseases on the fruits of various crops. The rot can start as small water-soaked spots that affect the entire fruit within a few days. At a later stage, the whole fruit surface may be covered with mycelium and light brown sporangia which turn dark brown when they are mature.

The spherical sporangia have a diameter of around 60-90 µm. They split longitudinally into two halves to release the sporangiospores. The latter are elliptical, smooth, hyaline, aseptate, and have a size of around 8-12 x 6-10 µm.