Geocoris punctipes (predator)

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Geocoris punctipes feeding on whiteflies (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Jack Dykinga
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Geocoris punctipes (predator) (Say, 1832) - (big-eyed bug)

This species is a common predator of mites and insects in subtropical and tropical parts of the Americas. It also feeds on plants but causes little damage and this is outweighed by its beneficial effects as a biological control agent. The females are approximately 4 mm long, the males slightly smaller. The color is pale with irregular dark spots. The nymphs have short reddish brown lines across the abdomen. The development from egg, through 5 nymphal stages to mature adult last approximately 1½ months and depends on the temperature. There are several generations per year and it overwinters as adult. It develops best on a diet of insects combined with plant material like seed pods and seeds.