Forestry Studies - Metsanduslikud Uurimused (2009) 50, 49-64

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R. Drenkhan and M. Hanso (2009)
Recent invasion of foliage fungi of pines (Pinus spp.) to the northern Baltics
Forestry Studies - Metsanduslikud Uurimused 50, 49-64
Abstract: In the wake of severe climatic extremes during recent years, several new invasive foliage fungi of pines have been reported in Estonia. In this paper the peculiarities of the fast dissemination process, particularly from south to north of two quarantined species, Mycosphaerella pini and M. dearnessii, but also of Diplodia pinea and Cyclaneusma minus on different host species are described. These species were known as destructive pathogens in several countries and continents. By today, the range of M. pini has already reached northern Finland. In its dissemination process we could follow, with the half-year steps, colonization of Estonia from south to north. Some micromorphological features of these alien species were investigated. Hypothetical risk for pine forests was shortly introduced.
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Lecanosticta acicola Pine (Pinus) Estonia
Diplodia sapinea Pine (Pinus) Estonia
Dothistroma septosporum Pine (Pinus) Estonia
Cyclaneusma minus Pine (Pinus) Estonia