Florida Entomologist (2006) 89, 47-55

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Chang-Chi Chu, Matthew A. Ciomperlik, Niann-Tai Chang, Marcus Richards and Thomas J. Henneberry (2006)
Developing and evaluating traps for monitoring Scirtothrips dorsalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)
Florida Entomologist 89 (1), 47-55
Abstract: Scirtothrips dorsalis (Hood) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) is a recently identified invasive pest to the Caribbean and poses a significant threat to agriculture and trade in the region. Methods are needed to detect the presence and to monitor populations of this pest so that it can be effectively managed. Three different CC trap base colors (blue, yellow, and white) with or without dichlorvos as a killing agent, and a newly developed and named the Blue-D trap were studied in Taiwan and St. Vincent for attraction and capture of S. dorsalis . In lemons in Taiwan, mean numbers of S. dorsalis caught in Blue-D traps were greater compared with dichlorvos cube modified CC traps. In St. Vincent chili pepper plantings, the Blue-D traps caught more Thrips palmi (Karny), Frankliniella sp., and Microcephalothrips abdominalis (Crawford) than dichlorvos cube modified CC traps. More Frankliniella intonsa (Trybom), Megalurothrips usitatus (Bagnall), T. palmi, Frankliniella sp., and M. abdominalis were caught in blue and white base CC traps than yellow base CC traps. Average captures per CC trap per week were 0.07 and 0.02-0.09 S. dorsalis in Taiwan and St. Vincent, respectively. There were no differences in S. dorsalis captures in white, blue, or yellow base CC traps. The average weekly S. dorsalis catch for yellow sticky card traps was 19.8. CC traps can be used for detection of S. dorsali and collecting intact S. dorsalis for taxonomic and genetic determinations when a few of the species are found in a large commercial production area. Yellow sticky traps can be used for monitoring S. dorsalis populations. A combination detecting system of visual observation, yellow sticky traps, and CC traps may be an effective S. dorsalis population detecting and monitoring system.
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Thrips palmi Green pepper/chilli (Capsicum) Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
Scirtothrips dorsalis Citrus (genus) Taiwan
Scirtothrips dorsalis Green pepper/chilli (Capsicum) Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
Frankliniella intonsa Citrus (genus) Taiwan
Microcephalothrips abdominalis Green pepper/chilli (Capsicum) Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
Thrips hawaiiensis Citrus (genus) Taiwan
Megalurothrips usitatus Citrus (genus) Taiwan