Florida Entomologist (2004) 87, 625-627

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Steven M. Valles and Juan A. Briano (2004)
Presence of Thelohania solenopsae and Vairimorpha invictae in South American populations of Solenopsis invicta
Florida Entomologist 87 (4), 625-627
Abstract: Thelohania solenopsae - and Vairimorpha invictae -infected Solenopsis invicta from South America were genotyped at the Gp-9 locus to determine their social form. Unlike counterparts in the United States, monogyne nests are infected with both microsporidia species in South America.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Research topic(s) for pests/diseases/weeds:
biocontrol - natural enemies
Research topic(s) for beneficials or antagonists:
environment/habitat manipulation
population dynamics/epizootiology

Pest and/or beneficial records:

Beneficial Pest/Disease/Weed Crop/Product Country Quarant.

Solenopsis invicta Argentina
Solenopsis invicta Paraguay
Kneallhazia solenopsae (entomopathogen) Solenopsis invicta Argentina
Kneallhazia solenopsae (entomopathogen) Solenopsis invicta Paraguay
Vairimorpha invictae (entomopathogen) Solenopsis invicta Argentina