Florida Entomologist (2000) 83 (3)

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Articles of Florida Entomologist entered for 2000 and volume (issue): 83 (3)

Florida Entomologist (2000) 83, 254-262
Divina M. Amalin, Jorge E. Peña, Simon J. Yu and Robert McSorley (2000)
Selective toxicity of some pesticides to Hibana velox (Araneae: Anyphaenidae), a predator of citrus leafminer

Florida Entomologist (2000) 83, 262-267
Allen L. Szalanski, Richard L. Roehrdanz and David B. Taylor (2000)
Genetic relationship among Diabrotica species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) based on rDNA and mtDNA sequences

Florida Entomologist (2000) 83, 284-289
B.L. Newton and M.J. Sharkey (2000)
A new species of Bassus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Agathidinae) parasitic on Samea multiplicalis, a natural control agent of waterlettuce

Florida Entomologist (2000) 83, 290-303
Adrian G.B. Hunsberger, Robin M. Giblin-Davis and Thomas J. Weissling (2000)
Symptoms and population dynamics of Rhynchophorus cruentatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Canary Island date palms

Florida Entomologist (2000) 83, 334-335
Antônio R. Panizzi, Shirlei R. Cardoso and Émerson D.M. Oliveira (2000)
Status of pigeonpea as an alternative host of Piezodorus guildinii (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae), a pest of soybean

Florida Entomologist (2000) 83, 354-357
Douglas V. Sumerford and Walter L. Solomon (2000)
Growth of wild Pseudoplusia includens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae collected from Bt and non-Bt cotton

Florida Entomologist (2000) 83, 357-358
J.P. Michaud and R. Alvarez (2000)
First collection of brown citrus aphid (Homotera: Aphdiidae) in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Florida Entomologist (2000) 83, 358-362
Hugh Adam Smith, Robert McSorley and G.B. Edwards (2000)
A comparison of some arthropod groups on monocropped and intercropped tomato in Baja Verapaz, Guatemala

Florida Entomologist (2000) 83, 370-374
J.C. Bergh and J.V. French (2000)
A method for harvesting and shipping live citrus rust mites (Acari: Eriophyidae)

Florida Entomologist (2000) 83, 377-379
Denise L. Johanowicz and Everett R. Mitchell (2000)
A novel method to rear Diadegma insulare (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae), a parasitoid of the diamondback moth (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae)