Environmental Entomology (1990) 19, 795-798

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C.E. Rogers, O.G. Marti, A.M. Simmons and J.F. Silvain (1990)
Host range of Noctuidonema guyanense (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae): An ectoparasite of moths in French Guiana
Environmental Entomology 19 (3), 795-798
Abstract: Arthropods of French Guiana were examined to delineate the host range of a newly described species of, an ectoparasitic nematode, Noctuidonema guyanense Remillet and Silvain, of adult Lepidoptera. Moths in five families (Lasiocampidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae, Pyralidae, and Sphingidae) harbored N. guyanense. Twenty-five species of Noctuidae were infected. Multiple species of Spodoptera and Mocis served as hosts for N. guyanense. The most commonly infected hosts were Lesmone formularis Hübner, S. dolichos (F.), S. frugiperda (J. E. Smith), and Xanthopastis timais (Cramer). Lepidoptera in 19 families, including 121 species of Noctuidae, did not harbor N. guyanense. Also, arthropods in 12 orders and 70 families of non-lepidopteran insects, 2 orders of Arachnida, and 5 families of Araneae were not infected by N. guyanense. It appears that N. guyanense is primarily an ectoparasite of moths in Noctuidae.
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Spodoptera frugiperda French Guiana
Noctuidonema guyanense (entomopathogen) Spodoptera frugiperda French Guiana