Noctuidonema guyanense (entomopathogen)

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Acugutturidae - Noctuidonema guyanense (entomopathogen) Remillet & Silvain, 1988

The Acugutturidae is a small family of ectoparasitic nematodes, characterised by a greatly elongated stylet. These nematodes insert their stylet through the culticle of insects and feed on their haemolymph. Moths and cockroaches have been reported as host and infestations result in a reduced fertility and longevity. The members of the Acugutturidae have been found in tropical and subtropical parts of the Americas and in the Pacific.

In the Americas, Noctuidonema guyanense is a common ectoparasite of adult moths from the family Noctuidae, for example of Spodoptera species. Infestations in Spodoptera frugiperda result in a reduced longevity (Marti & Rogers, 2000) and the nematode spreads within the host population during mating (Rogers & Marti, 1992).

The genus Noctuidonema has been previously assigned to the family Aphelenchoididae.