Encarsia sophia (parasitoid)

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Encarsia sophia (parasitoid) (Girault & Dodd, 1915)

The wasp is a widespread, facultative autoparasitoid of whiteflies like Bemisia in tropical and subtropical regions. In autoparasitoids, fertilized eggs develop as primary parasitoids into females. However, unfertilized eggs are laid into already parasitized whiteflies and develop as hyperparasitoid into males. In such cases the hosts are immature stages of female conspecific or heterospecific (preferred by E. sophia) parasitoid. The parasitoid attacks all nymphal stages and development time is about 2 weeks. The females are yellowish with a darker pronotum.

Encarsia shafeei
Encarsia transvena
Prospaltella bemisiae
Prospaltella sublutea
Prospaltella transvena