Elsinoë arachidis

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disease symptoms of Elsinoë arachidis on Arachis hypogaea (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): X.L. Fan, R.W. Barreto, J.Z. Groenewald, J.D.P. Bezerra, O.L. Pereira, R. Cheewangkoon, L. Mostert, C.M. Tian and P.W. Crous
Source: Studies in Mycology (2017), vol. 87 p. 11

Elsinoë arachidis (Bitanc. & Jenkins) Rossman & W.C. Allen 2016 - (peanut scab)

This fungus has been reported from South America, but also from other regions. It causes scab on leaves, petioles and stems of groundnuts. The lesions are typically small and become corky with age.

Vernacular names
• English: peanut scab
groundnut scab
• Español: antracnosis del cacahuete
• Français: anthracnose de l'arachide
• Português: verrugose do amendoim