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Publications of Diego Batlla (5 listed):

Pest Management Science (2020) 76, 1189-1194
Diego Batlla, Claudio M. Ghersa and Roberto L. Benech-Arnold (2020)
Dormancy, a critical trait for weed success in crop production systems

Weed Research (2018) 58, 450-462
H.R. Huarte, F. Borlandelli, D. Varisco and D. Batlla (2018)
Understanding dormancy breakage and germination ecology of Cynara cardunculus (Asteraceae)

Weed Biology and Management (2014) 14, 77-87
Diego Batlla and Roberto Luis Benech-Arnold (2014)
Weed seed germination and the light environment: Implications for weed management

Weed Research (2009) 49, 428-438
D. Batlla, A. Grundy, K.C. Dent, H.A. Clay and W.E. Finch-Savage (2009)
A quantitative analysis of temperature-dependent dormancy changes in Polygonum aviculare seeds

New Phytologist (2005) 165, 445-452
Diego Batlla and Roberto Luis Benech-Arnold (2005)
Changes in the light sensitivity of buried Polygonum aviculare seeds in relation to cold-induced dormancy loss: development of a predictive model