Diabrotica viridula

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Diabrotica viridula (click on image to enlarge it)
Authors: Guillermo Cabrera Walsh et al.
Source: Insects (2020), vol. 11 (7), p. 2

Diabrotica viridula (Fabricius, 1801)

The distribution of this beetle ranges from Mexico in the north to northern Argentina in the south. However, it is absent in Chile, Uruguay and the western parts of Peru and Bolivia. The larvae feed on the roots of maize and can cause significant damage, while the adult beetles can be a minor pest of beans. In the laboratory, the adults are able to transmit the Maize chlorotic mottle virus.

Adult beetles are around 5 mm long and typically yellowish green in colour, with 6 brownish marks on the elytra. However, the colouration is variable, specially that of the marks on the elytra, which can be diffuse and in some cases completely absent.

For a review see Walsh et al. (2020).