Cotton leafroll dwarf virus

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cotton leaves with no symptoms (left column) - rest infected with the Cotton leafroll dwarf virus
Author(s): Osmério Pupim Junior et al.
Source: Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira (2008) 43 (5), p. 662

Cotton leafroll dwarf virus (CLRDV)

The virus is associated with the cotton blue disease in Africa, the Americas and South-East Asia. The disease can cause yield losses of up to 80% (Avelar et al., 2019). The symptoms include leaf rolling, stunting and intensive greening of the foliage. It is transmitted by the aphid Aphis gossypii.

The disease is managed by planting resistant cultivars, but since 2006 resistance breaking forms of the virus have appeared (e.g. see da Silva et al., 2015).

Vernacular names
• English: Cotton leafroll dwarf virus
cotton blue disease
• Español: enfermedad azul del algodonero
• Português: vírus da doença azul