Cotesia marginiventris (parasitoid)

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Cotesia marginiventris (click on image to enlarge it)
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Cotesia marginiventris (parasitoid) (Cresson, 1865)

This wasp is a solitary endoparasitoid of Lepidoptera larvae, e.g. from the genera Spodoptera, Heliothis or Helicoverpa. It is native to central America, but has been deliberately introduced into various countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. It is found in crops like cotton or sugarcane and is commercially produced.

The wasp oviposits mostly in early instar caterpillars and the wasp larvae pass through three larval stages. The mature larva leaves the host and spins a cocoon outside for pupation.

Apanteles grenadensis
Apanteles laphygmae
Apanteles marginiventris
Protapanteles harnedi