Coptera haywardi (parasitoid)

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Coptera haywardi
Author(s): Cecilia Margaría & Marta S. Loiácono
Source: Revista del Museo de La Plata 2(2), p. 25

Coptera haywardi (parasitoid) Loiácono, 1981

This wasp is an endoparasite of fruitfly pupae in South and Central America. Fruit flies of the genus Anastrepha are most commonly parasitised. However, pupae of other Tephritidae like Ceratitis capitata can be also hosts.

Taxonomic note: Ogloblin is often given as the author for C. haywardi. According to Aguiar-Menezes et al. (2003), Ogloblin (1944) provided the name Galesus haywardi in a manuscript, but not a valid published description of this species. The first valid description with detailed illustrations was published by Loiácono in 1981 (Revista de la Sociedad Entomológica Argentina, vol. 40, pp. 237-241).