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Anastrepha acris forewing (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): A. Norrbom et al., Systematic Entomology Laboratory
Source: IPM Images

Anastrepha Schiner, 1868

This is a large and important genus of fruit flies with more than 200 species, found in tropical and subtropical parts of America. More than 10 species are considered to be serious argicultural pests, infesting fruits. Most of these are related to Anastrepha fraterculus, the fraterculus group. Some species are polyphagous and have more than 20 known hosts. Apart from the actual damage done, these species also restrict the export of fruits due to quarantine regulations.

An important character of the genus is the last section of the M vein on the forewing which curves forward and joins the wing margin without forming an angle with the margin (see illustration on right). The bands on the forewings are also characteristic for the genus, as well as for the individual species.

Identification keys for the species of this genus are available at Norrbom et al. (USDA) (an add-on needs to be installed on your computer to use the keys).

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: