Brenneria rubrifaciens

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Brenneria rubrifaciens (Wilson et al. 1967) Hauben et al. 1999 - (deep bark canker of walnut)

This bacterium is found in North America where it causes a canker disease of walnut. In 1995, it has been also observed in Spain on walnut trees that had been imported from California in 1978 (González et al., 2002). The disease is characterised by deep vertical cankers on the trunks and branches of mature trees, that exude sap containing the pathogen. The bacterium infects the phloem and the disease is also called "phloem canker of walnut".

Erwinia rubrifaciens

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Phloemkrebs der Walnuss
• English: deep bark canker of walnut
• Français: chancre du phloème du noyer