Brenneria nigrifluens

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immature walnut fruits inoculated with water (a and m) or a suspension of Brenneria nigrifluens (c, d and n) - m) and n) = cross-sections (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Chiaraluce Moretti and Roberto Buonaurio
Source: Phytopathologia Mediterranea (2010) 49, p. 82

Brenneria nigrifluens (Wilson et al. 1957) Hauben et al. 1999 - (shallow bark canker of walnut)

This bacterium infects walnut trees in North America, Europe and western Asia, causing shallow bark cankers on the trunk and branches. The cankers develop cracks through which a dark-coloured watery liquid oozes out. In the nursery, infected seedlings are unsuitable for sale (Saccardi et al., 1998).

Erwinia nigrifluens

Vernacular names
• English: shallow bark canker of walnut
bark canker of walnut
walnut bark necrosis
• Français: nécrose de l'écorce du noyer