Biological Invasions (2008) 10 (4)

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Articles of Biological Invasions entered for 2008 and volume (issue): 10 (4)

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 381-390
Werner Topp, Heike Kappes and Frances Rogers (2008)
Response of ground-dwelling beetle (Coleoptera) assemblages to giant knotweed (Reynoutria spp.) invasion

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 411-433
Paul J. De Barro, Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat, Don Frohlich, Siti Subandiyah and Shigenori Ueda (2008)
A virus and its vector, pepper yellow leaf curl virus and Bemisia tabaci , two new invaders of Indonesia

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 455-466
Steven J. Franks, Paul D. Pratt, F. Allen Dray and Ellen L. Simms (2008)
No evolution of increased competitive ability or decreased allocation to defense in Melaleuca quinquenervia since release from natural enemies

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 467-473
Alexander S. Mikheyev (2008)
History, genetics and pathology of a leaf-cutting ant introduction: a case study of the Guadeloupe invasion

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 475-481
Yan Xiong, Jian-Dong Chen, Zhong-Ying Gu, Xin-Hua Wu, Fang-Hao Wan and Xiao-Yue Hong (2008)
The potential suitability of Jiangsu Province, east China for the invasive red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 531-538
Jordan M. Marshall and David S. Buckley (2008)
Influence of litter removal and mineral soil disturbance on the spread of an invasive grass in a Central Hardwood forest

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 547-553
Aníbal Pauchard, Rafael A. García, Eduardo Peña, Cristian González, Lohengrin A. Cavieres and Ramiro O. Bustamante (2008)
Positive feedbacks between plant invasions and fire regimes: Teline monspessulana (L.) K. Koch (Fabaceae) in central Chile

Biological Invasions (2008) 10, 561-572
Robin A. Marrs, René Sforza and Ruth A. Hufbauer (2008)
When invasion increases population genetic structure: a study with Centaurea diffusa