Biocontrol Science and Technology (2017) 27, 1049-1070

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Pascal Humbert, Michael Przyklenk, Marina Vemmer, Mario Schumann, Stefan Vidal and Anant V. Patel (2017)
Technical scale production of encapsulated Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Metarhizium brunneum attractive to wireworms
Biocontrol Science and Technology 27 (9), 1049-1070
Abstract: Wireworms (Coleoptera: Elateridae) have recently become an increasing problem as agricultural insect pests due to the phasing out of effective control options. Entomopathogenic fungi such as Metarhizium brunneum have proven to be a promising microbial antagonist for wireworm control. Here, we tested whether the efficacy of M. brunneum can be increased through a combination with CO2, emitted by Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as an attractant (=attract-and-kill). We aimed at a technical scale production of a formulated biological control agent offering a practical and economically feasible application for wireworm control. Therefore, a novel technical formulation process for encapsulated S. cerevisiae (Attract beads) and M. brunneum (Kill beads) was investigated. For the bead production by jet cutting, the parameters nozzle diameter, pump speed, cutting device speed and collecting distance were evaluated. In order to dry the beads in a short time while maintaining a high cell viability, different drying temperatures during fluidised-bed drying were tested and the best results were obtained with an inlet air temperature profile between 50°C and 40°C. CO2 production of the beads in the soil was highest for co-applied Attract and Kill beads. The potential of beads to modify wireworm behaviour (Agriotes sputator) was tested in a rhizotron experiment. The Attract-and-Kill treatment (co-applied beads) significantly attracted wireworms, whereas Attract beads and Kill beads alone showed a weak, but non-significant attraction. Wireworm mortality could not be enhanced due to a low rate of mycosis from M. brunneum infection.
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Agriotes sputator
Metarhizium brunneum (entomopathogen) Agriotes sputator