Metarhizium brunneum (entomopathogen)

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Fluorescence microscopy of Metarhizium brunneum blastospores - (A) Calcofluor White staining of blastospores (B) Rhodamine 123 staining to visualise mitochondria (C) Filipin staining of ergosterol (D) DAPI staining of nuclei (E) FITC staining of proteins (F) normal light - scale bars = 5 μm
Authors: Abeer M. Alkhaibari et al.
Source: PLoS ONE (2016), vol. 12, article e1005715
Metarhizium brunneum - culture, phialides and conidia - scale bars = 10 μm (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): S. Mongkolsamrit et al.
Source: Studies in Mycology (2020), vol. 95, p. 195

Metarhizium brunneum (entomopathogen) Petch 1935

This fungus infects various insect groups. It is commercially available and certain strains are registered for use in a number of countries. It is mainly effective against soil-living insect pests like larvae of Coleoptera or Diptera. It is also virulent against mosquito larvae and studies are underway to find suitable formulation and application methods (e.g. Alkhaibari et al., 2016).

M. brunneum is part of the Metarhizium anisopliae complex and can be distinguished from other members of that complex by DNA analysis.