Bacillus (genus - entomopathogens)

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Bacillus subtilis after Gram staining (the oval unstained structures are spores)
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bacillus Cohn, 1872 (entomopathogens)

The genus Bacillus contains rod-shaped, Gram-positive, usually aerobic bacteria which often form durable endospores that can survive in the environment for many years. Their biology ranges from useful antagonists to disease causing organisms.

A number of Bacillus species are pathogenic to insect pests, above all, Bacillus thuringiensis which is widely used as a microbial pesticide and as a source of entomopathogenic toxins for genetically modified crops.

This page refers to entomopathogens only, for other groups see:

The following entomopathogenic species of Bacillus are currently entered in the system: