Anopheles coustani

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Anopheles coustani - hindtarsomere (top) and lower branches of wing (bottom)
Author: Maureen Coetzee
Source: BMC Malaria Journal (2020) vol. 19, art. 70

Anopheles coustani Laveran, 1900

This mosquito is found in most parts of Africa and can be common in some areas. Cattle, humans and other domestic animals have been identified as sources of blood meals. In some areas, it readily feeds on humans, both indoors and outdoors, with a high rate of bites per person per night. A. coustani is considered to be a malaria vector and has been found to harbour Plasmodium falciparum and P. malariae sporozoites (e.g. Mwangangi et al., 2013).

Breeding of A. coustani has been recorded from rice fields, swamps, flooded areas, pools and pits (Kiszewski et al., 2014). Taxonomically, A. coustani is considered to be part of a complex of several closely related species.