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Publications of Ahmet Bayram (12 listed):

Journal of Applied Entomology (2016) 140, 236-240
A. Bayram and A. Tonga (2016)
First report of Chilo partellus in Turkey, a new invasive maize pest for Europe

Journal of Pest Science (2013) 86, 635-647
Lucia Zappalà, Antonio Biondi, Alberto Alma, Ibrahim J. Al-Jboory, Judit Arnó, Ahmet Bayram, Anaïs Chailleux, Ashraf El-Arnaouty, Dan Gerling, Yamina Guenaoui, Liora Shaltiel-Harpaz, Gaetano Siscaro, Menelaos Stavrinides, Luciana Tavella, Rosa Vercher Aznar, Alberto Urbaneja and Nicolas Desneux (2013)
Natural enemies of the South American moth, Tuta absoluta, in Europe, North Africa and Middle East, and their potential use in pest control strategies

Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection (2011) 44, 1595-1608
Ekrem Atakan and Ahmet Bayram (2011)
Distributions of western flower thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) and its predatory bug Orius niger (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) assessed by coloured sticky traps and plant samplings in cotton

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society (2011) 103, 904-922
Pascal Moyal, Patrice Tokro, Ahmet Bayram, Matilda Savopoulou-Soultani, Eric Conti, Matilde Eizaguirre, Bruno Le Rü, Arman Avand-Faghih, Brigitte Frérot and Stefanos Andreadis (2011)
Origin and taxonomic status of the Palearctic population of the stem borer Sesamia nonagrioides (Lefèbvre) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

BioControl (2010) 55, 697-710
Ahmet Bayram, Gianandrea Salerno, Andrea Onofri and Eric Conti (2010)
Lethal and sublethal effects of preimaginal treatments with two pyrethroids on the life history of the egg parasitoid Telenomus busseolae

Turkish Journal of Entomology (2010) 34, 251-262
Erdal Sertkaya, Çetin Mutlu, Ahmet Bayram, Yunus Bayram and Saban Güçlü (2010)
[Determination of population changes of Laodelphax striatellus (Fallen, 1826) and Sogatella vibix (Haupt, 1927) (Hemiptera: Delphacidae) by using different sampling methods in second crop maize in Diyarbakir province]

Entomologica Fennica (2009) 20, 9-17
L. Efil and A. Bayram (2009)
Factors affecting the distribution of two mirid bugs, Creontiades pallidus (Rambur) and Campylomma diversicornis (Reuter) (Hemiptera: Miridae) and notes on the parasitoid Leiophron decifiens Ruthe (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Phytoparasitica (2007) 35, 490-506
Ahmet Bayram, Ahmet Gültekin, Toby J. Bruce and Salvador Gezan (2007)
Factors associated with mortality of the overwintering generation of Sesamia nonagrioides under field conditions

Phytoparasitica (2005) 33, 441-449
Erdal Sertkaya and Ahmet Bayram (2005)
Parasitoid community of the Loreyi leafworm Mythimna (Acantholeucania) loreyi: Novel host-parasitoid associations and their efficiency in the eastern Mediterranean region of Turkey

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2004) 111, 141-149
Ahmet Bayram, Gianandrea Salerno, Eric Conti, Eric Wajnberg, Ferdinando Bin and Serpil Kornosor (2004)
Sex allocation in Telenomus busseolae, a solitary parasitoid of concealed eggs: the influence of host patch size

Phytoparasitica (2004) 32, 305-312
Erdal Sertkaya, Ahmet Bayram and Serpil Kornosor (2004)
Egg and larval parasitoids of the beet armyworm Spodoptera exigua on maize in Turkey

Journal of Insect Science (2003) 3 (33), p. 6 (Conti et al.)
Eric Conti, Gianandrea Salerno, Ahmet Bayram and Ferdinando Bin (2003)
Strategies involved in host location of Telenomus busseolae and Trichogramma turkestanica, egg parasitoids of Sesamia nonagrioides
XIII International Entomophagous Insects Workshop - July 27-31, 2003, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.