Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2005) 7, 307-318

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Marc, Kenis, Kathrin Herz, Richard J. West and Mark R. Shaw (2005)
Parasitoid assemblages reared from geometrid defoliators (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) of larch and fir in the alps
Agricultural and Forest Entomology 7 (4), 307-318
Abstract: 1 Geometrid larvae were collected from larch and fir in the Swiss Alps in 1991-94. Eight geometrid species were found in sufficient numbers to rear out parasitoids: Agriopis aurantiaria, Bupalus piniarius, Epirrita autumnata, Eupithecia lariciata, Odontopera bidentata, Lycia isabellae and Semiothisa liturata were collected from larch, and Puengeleria capreolaria was obtained from fir.
2 Parasitoid species belonging to five different guilds and four families were obtained; however, the taxonomic status of some of these is not completely resolved.
3 The parasitoid complex of the larch-feeding species was totally different from that of Tortricidae and Tenthredinidae, which feed on the same host tree. In general, there was little overlap in the parasitoid complexes of the larch geometrids, with the most dominant parasitoid of each species reared from only one host. By contrast, many parasitoid species found during our study are also known to attack the same hosts or closely related hosts on different host tree species in different environments, suggesting that host specificity in geometrid parasitoids is more related to host taxonomy than to host plant or habitat.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Epirrita autumnata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Bupalus piniarius Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Agriopis aurantiaria Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Eupithecia lariciata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Odontopera bidentata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Lycia isabellae Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Puengeleria capreolaria Fir (Abies) Switzerland
Agrypon flaveolatum (parasitoid) Epirrita autumnata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Aleiodes gastritor (parasitoid) Epirrita autumnata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Protapanteles anchisiades (parasitoid) Epirrita autumnata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Protapanteles anchisiades (parasitoid) Eupithecia lariciata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Protapanteles anchisiades (parasitoid) Odontopera bidentata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Cotesia salebrosa (parasitoid) Epirrita autumnata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Campoletis varians (parasitoid) Epirrita autumnata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Copidosoma chalconotum (parasitoid) Epirrita autumnata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Protapanteles immunis (parasitoid) Agriopis aurantiaria Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Protapanteles immunis (parasitoid) Lycia isabellae Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Phobocampe crassiuscula (parasitoid) Agriopis aurantiaria Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Cotesia praepotens (parasitoid) Agriopis aurantiaria Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Phryxe magnicornis (parasitoid) Agriopis aurantiaria Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Dusona contumax (parasitoid) Agriopis aurantiaria Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Ophion minutus (parasitoid) Agriopis aurantiaria Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Homolobus discolor (parasitoid) Agriopis aurantiaria Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Homolobus infumator (parasitoid) Agriopis aurantiaria Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Homolobus infumator (parasitoid) Puengeleria capreolaria Fir (Abies) Switzerland
Casinaria moesta (parasitoid) Agriopis aurantiaria Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Casinaria moesta (parasitoid) Lycia isabellae Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Phryxe tenebrata (parasitoid) Lycia isabellae Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Dusona stragifex (parasitoid) Lycia isabellae Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Copidosoma cervius (parasitoid) Eupithecia lariciata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Glyptapanteles vitripennis (parasitoid) Eupithecia lariciata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Glyptapanteles vitripennis (parasitoid) Odontopera bidentata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Zele caligatus (parasitoid) Eupithecia lariciata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Casinaria stygia (parasitoid) Eupithecia lariciata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Ceranthia lichtwardtiana (parasitoid) Eupithecia lariciata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Cotesia spurius (parasitoid) Odontopera bidentata Larch (Larix) Switzerland
Glyptapanteles mygdonia (parasitoid) Puengeleria capreolaria Fir (Abies) Switzerland
Copidosoma serricorne (parasitoid) Puengeleria capreolaria Fir (Abies) Switzerland