Viruses (2018) 10 (12 - 663)

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Theodor O. Diener (2018)
Of viroids and prions
Viruses 10 (12 - 663)
Abstract: In 2017, Hadidi et al. edited a voluminous monograph entitled "Viroids and Satellites", in which each known viroid and viroid-like satellite species was described in detail from many perspectives by more than 100 experts from 24 countries. In its 700+ pages, the book is a much needed detailed and reliable compendium of a subject, which, undoubtedly, is still little known by many potential readers. Because most users of the book may be expected to be practical plant pathologists, it appears essential that the book contain, in addition to the detailed viroid and satellite descriptions, one chapter, in which the basic molecular biology of viroids and satellites is described.
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