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Publications of Vincent A.D. Hervet (5 listed):

Journal of Hymenoptera Research (2018) 67, 55-62
Vincent A.D. Hervet, Robert A. Laird and Kevin D. Floate (2018)
Siblicidal behaviour by larvae of the gregarious parasitoid Cotesia vanessae

BioControl (2016) 61, 399-411
Vincent A.D. Hervet, Héctor A. Cárcamo, Lloyd M. Dosdall, Terry D. Miller and Swaroop V. Kher (2016)
Assessment of potential non-target effects of Tetrastichus julis, a biological control agent of the cereal leaf beetle, Oulema melanopus

Journal of Insect Science (2016) 16 (19), 1-7
V.A.D. Hervet, R.A. Laird and K.D. Floate (2016)
A review of the McMorran diet for rearing Lepidoptera species with addition of a further 39 species

The Canadian Entomologist (2014) 146, 560-566
V.A.D. Hervet, H. Murillo, J.L. Fernández-Triana, M.R. Shaw, R.A. Laird and K.D. Floate (2014)
First report of Cotesia vanessae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in North America

Journal of Insect Science (2012) 12 (151), 1-12
Héctor Cárcamo, Carolyn Herle and Vincent Hervet (2012)
Greenhouse studies of thiamethoxam effects on pea leaf weevil, Sitona lineatus