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Publications of Tahir Hussain Awan (3 listed):

Journal of Pest Science (2015) 88, 427-438
Tahir Hussain Awan, Pompe C. Sta Cruz and Bhagirath Singh Chauhan (2015)
Ecological significance of rice (Oryza sativa ) planting density and nitrogen rates in managing the growth and competitive ability of itchgrass (Rottboellia cochinchinensis) in direct-seeded rice systems

Weed Science (2015) 63, 448-460
Tahir Hussain Awan, Pompe C. Sta. Cruz, Sharif Ahmed and Bhagirath Singh Chauhan (2015)
Effect of nitrogen application, rice planting density, and water regime on the morphological plasticity and biomass partitioning of Chinese sprangletop (Leptochloa chinensis)

Weed Science (2014) 62, 571-587
Tahir Hussain Awan, Bhagirath Singh Chauhan and Pompe C. Sta. Cruz (2014)
Growth plasticity of junglerice (Echinochloa colona) for resource use when grown with different rice (Oryza sativa) planting densities and nitrogen rates in dry-seeded conditions