Susan G.W. Laurance

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Publications of Susan G.W. Laurance (2 listed):

Austral Ecology (2016) 41, 344-354
David Y.P. Tng, Miriam W. Goosem, Claudia P. Paz, Noel D. Preece, Stephen Goosem, Roderick J. Fensham and Susan G.W. Laurance (2016)
Characteristics of the Psidium cattleianum invasion of secondary rainforests

Journal of Vector Ecology (2012) 37, 69-76
Dagmar Meyer Steiger, Petrina Johnson, David W. Hilbert, Scott Ritchie, Dean Jones and Susan G.W. Laurance (2012)
Effects of landscape disturbance on mosquito community composition in tropical Australia