Journal of Medical Entomology (2014) 51, 39-45

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D.B. Meyer Steiger, S.A. Ritchie and S.G.W. Laurance (2014)
Overcoming the challenges of mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) sampling in remote localities: A comparison of CO2 attractants on mosquito communities in three tropical forest habitats
Journal of Medical Entomology 51 (1), 39-45
Abstract: Emerging infectious diseases are on the rise with future outbreaks predicted to occur in frontier regions of tropical countries. Disease surveillance in these hotspots is challenging because sampling techniques often rely on vector attractants that are either unavailable in remote localities or difficult to transport. We examined whether a novel method for producing CO2 from yeast and sugar produces similar mosquito species captures compared with a standard attractant such as dry ice. Across three different vegetation communities, we found traps baited with dry ice frequently captured more mosquitoes than yeast-baited traps; however, there was little effect on mosquito community composition. Based on our preliminary experiments,we find that this method of producing CO2 is a realistic alternative to dry ice and would be highly suitable for remote field work.
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