Solenopotes capillatus

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Solenopotes capillatus (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Basma Ouarti et al.
Source: Parasite (2020) 27, 28

Solenopotes capillatus Enderlein, 1904 - (blue cattle louse)

This sucking louse is widely distributed and infests cattle and other ungulates, mainly the head. It can be common in some areas. The feeding activities cause irritation in the host, extensive rubbing and skin injuries, leading to blood loss, reduced milk production and in severe cases weight loss. The life cycle is completed in around 4 weeks (Grubbs et al., 2007).

S. capillatus is a small louse with a bluish colour. Adults are only 1.2-1.5 mm long. The genus Solenopotes can be recognised by the spiracles ending in small, tube-like projections that stick out from the sides of the abdomen. This group is also called 'tubercle-bearing lice'.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: borstige Rinderlaus
• English: blue cattle louse
little blue cattle louse
• Français: pou capillaire