Plautia stali

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Plautia stali on young fruits of chocolate vine (Akebia quinata)
Source: Wikimedia Commons (cropped)

Plautia stali Scott, 1874 - (brown-winged green bug)

This species is a polyphagous stinkbug which attacks fruit trees and many other crops during times of outbreaks in north-eastern Asia. The fruits (e.g. peach, persimmon, citrus, pear and apple) are pierced when ripe or nearly ripe and either drop or develop internal damage. The adults are strong fliers and migrate between different food sources. In Japan, the main hosts are conifer trees like Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) and Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) where populations feed on the cones. Orchards are invaded temporarily by swarms in times when suitable conifer cones are not available. However, the insect cannot complete its development on fruit trees.

Outbreaks and invasions can be predicted by surveying overwintering populations in cypress forests and monitoring infestations in orchards with pheromone traps. The orchards are then protected by repeated insecticide applications. There are 2-3 generations per year and the adults overwinter. The adults are approximately 8-9 mm long and green with brown wings during the summer. They become reddish-brown in the winter, during diapause.

Plautia crossota stali