Plant Pathology (2009) 58, 170-180

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M. Hren, M. Ravnikar, J. Brzin, P. Ermacora, L. Carraro, P.A. Bianco, P. Casati, M. Borgo, E. Angelini, A. Rotter and K. Gruden (2009)
Induced expression of sucrose synthase and alcohol dehydrogenase I genes in phytoplasma-infected grapevine plants grown in the field
Plant Pathology 58 (1), 170-180
Abstract: Interaction between phytoplasma and grapevine at the physiological level is still poorly understood, as are plant defence mechanisms against the pathogen. This study investigates the level of gene expression of three selected genes in a large number of grapevine plants belonging to six disease/cultivar groups (healthy Chardonnay, Bois noir-infected Chardonnay, Flavescence dorée-infected Barbera and Prosecco, and recovered Barbera and Prosecco). All plants were grown in vineyards in uncontrolled conditions in order to represent the physiology of disease as accurately as possible. Sucrose synthase was significantly upregulated in infected plants of all cultivars with the lowest P-values in cvs Chardonnay and Prosecco (P < 0·001) and median fold-change around 2. This clearly indicates that carbohydrate metabolism changed in infected compared to healthy or recovered plants. Alcohol dehydrogenase I was significantly upregulated in infected relative to healthy Chardonnay plants (P < 0·05) indicating that alcoholic fermentation, a sign of hypoxic conditions, was induced in infected plants. Heat shock protein 70 was upregulated in infected compared to recovered plants only in cv. Prosecco. Linear discriminant analysis showed that classification of samples into disease status groups based on gene expression was highly accurate (82%), indicating that the response of field-grown plants to phytoplasma infection at the level of expression of selected genes was so intensive and uniform that it was possible to detect it in grapevine plants regardless of natural variables.
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