Plant Pathology (2007) 56, 998-1004

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M. Novo, C.M. Gayoso, F. Pomar, M.M. Lucas, A. Ros Barceló and F. Merino (2007)
Sulphur accumulation after Verticillium dahliae infection of two pepper cultivars differing in degree of resistance
Plant Pathology 56 (6), 998-1004
Abstract: Elemental sulphur levels, sulphur localization in stems, and levels of sulphate, glutathione and cysteine were studied in pepper (Capsicum annuum) cvs Yolo Wonder (higher resistance) and Luesia (lower resistance) after inoculation with Verticillium dahliae, the cause of vascular wilt. Accumulation of elemental sulphur (S0) was first detected 10 days after inoculation in Yolo Wonder (mean S0 level 7·3 µg g−1 DW), and 15 days after inoculation in Luesia (mean S0 level 3·3 µg g−1 DW). The maximum level was reached 21 days after inoculation in Yolo Wonder (14·1 µg g−1 DW). In control plants, elemental sulphur was not detected. SEM-EDX (scanning electron microscopy-energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis) indicated that the sulphur was not restricted to a specific location, but was dispersed throughout the vascular tissue. Sulphate levels showed a decline at the end of the experiment in inoculated plants, possibly related to the increase in sulphur levels seen in the two cultivars. The differences in sulphate levels between the two cultivars may be due to faster sulphate breakdown in cv. Yolo Wonder.
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