Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1137-1141

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J. Bae, Z.K. Atallah, S.H. Jansky, D.I. Rouse and W.R. Stevenson (2007)
Colonization dynamics and spatial progression of Verticillium dahliae in individual stems of two potato cultivars with differing responses to potato early dying
Plant Disease 91 (9), 1137-1141
Abstract: Potato early dying (PED), caused by Verticillium dahliae, is a chronic yield-limiting disease of potato (Solanum tuberosum). In this study, we describe the colonization dynamics of V. dahliae in two potato cultivars with varying responses to PED. We utilized a quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (Q-PCR) assay to assess the colonization and spatial progression of V. dahliae in cvs. Ranger Russet (moderately resistant) and Russet Norkotah (highly susceptible). Ninety plants per cultivar were inoculated with a conidial suspension in the greenhouse. Every 2 weeks until week 10, we collected basal samples from 15 plants, and repeatedly sampled the growing apices of another 15 plants. The mean infection coefficient (IC) values in the basal and apical samples were significantly lower in cv. Ranger Russet at all five sampling dates. The pathogen was detected in basal samples of both cultivars by week 2, and in apical samples of cv. Russet Norkotah at week 4 and of cv. Ranger Russet at week 6. Colonization of cv. Russet Norkotah consistently increased in apical and basal samples during the 10 weeks, while it plateaued after week 6 in cv. Ranger Russet. Differences in response to PED appear associated with the speed of colonization and the establishment of a higher population density by V. dahliae in the plant.
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