Plant Breeding (2003) 122, 435-437

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N. Nsarellah, A. Amri, M.M. Nachit, M. El Bouhssini and S. Lhaloui (2003)
New durum wheat with Hessian fly resistance from Triticum araraticum and T. carthlicum in Morocco
Plant Breeding 122 (5), 435-437
Abstract: Hessian fly is an important pest of wheat on the North American continent and the temperate Mediterranean drylands. Yield losses caused by this insect in Morocco are the heaviest in the Mediterranean region and are estimated to be 36% on average. Genetic resistance to Mediterranean Hessian fly biotypes has not been found in durum wheat, although large numbers of durum accessions were screened. Genes for resistance were found in common wheat; some of which are transferable to durum. However, there is a need to broaden the genetic base for resistance in durum wheat. The objective of this work was to introgress resistance from selected Triticum araraticum and T. carthlicum accessions using multiple backcross methodology. The experimental recipient durum wheat included numerous adapted and high-yielding lines. Testing for Hessian fly resistance under controlled conditions and field yield data showed that this programme yields Hessian fly-resistant durum lines with good yields and adaptation.
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