Pest Management Science (2009) 65, 235-240

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David W. Crowder, Christa Ellers-Kirk, Bruce E. Tabashnik and Yves Carrière (2009)
Lack of fitness costs associated with pyriproxyfen resistance in the B biotype of Bemisia tabaci
Pest Management Science 65 (3), 235-240
Abstract: BACKGROUND: The insect growth regulator pyriproxyfen has provided effective control of the whitefly Bemisia tabaci Gennadius in many countries. Here, whether or not fitness costs were associated with pyriproxyfen resistance in a laboratory-selected resistant strain (QC02-R) of the B biotype was determined.
RESULTS: Mortality caused by pyriproxyfen and fitness traits over time were measured in unselected and selected hybrid strains, which were created by crossing individuals of the resistant strain with individuals of a susceptible strain. Fitness costs were not associated with resistance in QC02-R, as mortality caused by pyriproxyfen did not increase over time in unselected hybrid strains and fitness traits were similar in unselected and selected hybrid strains. Using a new method to examine the inheritance of resistance, based on data from fitness cost experiments, it was estimated that pyriproxyfen resistance is controlled by two loci in the QC02-R strain.
CONCLUSION: The lack of fitness costs associated with pyriproxyfen resistance could promote the evolution of resistance in field populations with similar traits to QC02-R.
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