Peronospora viciae

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Peronospora viciae (Berk.) Caspary - (pea downy mildew)

This oomycete is widely distributed and causes a downy mildew disease on several leguminous crops like peas or beans. The disease can result in significant losses in terms of crop quality and yield, especially when seedlings or pods become infected. Losses of more than 30% have been reported in some countries.

The conidia spread readily with water splashes under cool and moist conditions. They germinate on leaves and pods, causing greyish mycelium patches on the lower leaf surfaces or yellowish lesions on the pods. Oospores can persist in the soil for more than 10 years and often cause infections in germinating seeds.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: falscher Mehltau der Erbse
• English: pea downy mildew
• Français: mildiou du pois

Peronospora viciae f.sp. fabae Boerema, R. Pieters & Hamers - on faba beans
Peronospora viciae f.sp. pisi Boerema & Verh. - on peas