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Publications of Pekka Kaitaniemi (12 listed):

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2010) 134, 60-68
Tero Klemola, Pekka Kaitaniemi and Kai Ruohomäki (2010)
Folivorous larvae on flowers: do autumnal moths benefit from catkins of the mountain birch?

Ecological Entomology (2006) 31, 227-235
Janne Riihimäki, Harri Vehviläinen, Pekka Kaitaniemi and Julia Koricheva (2006)
Host tree architecture mediates the effect of predators on herbivore survival

Ecological Entomology (2004) 29, 437-446
Pekka Kaitaniemi, Harri Vehviläinen and Kai Ruohomäki (2004)
Movement and disappearance of mountain birch defoliators are influenced by the interactive effects of plant architecture and induced resistance

Oecologia (2003) 135, 354-361
Tero Klemola, Sinikka Hanhimäki, Kai Ruohomäki, Josef Senn, Miia Tanhuanpää, Pekka Kaitaniemi, Hanna Ranta and Erkki Haukioja (2003)
Performance of the cyclic autumnal moth, Epirrita autumnata, in relation to birch mast seeding

Ecological Entomology (2003) 28, 319-327
Tero Klemola, Kai Ruohomäki, Miia Tanhuanpää and Pekka Kaitaniemi (2003)
Performance of a spring-feeding moth in relation to time of oviposition and bud-burst phenology of different host species

Oikos (2003) 102, 263-272
Miia Tanhuanpää, Kai Ruohomäki and Pekka Kaitaniemi (2003)
Influence of adult and egg predation on reproductive success of Epirrita autumnata (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)

Oikos (2003) 103, 489-496
Kai Ruohomäki, Tero Klemola, Pekka Kaitaniemi and Miia Käär (2003)
Crowding-induced responses in a geometrid moth revisited: a field experiment

Oecologia (2003) 134, 203-209
Janne Riihimäki, Pekka Kaitaniemi and Kai Ruohomäki (2003)
Spatial responses of two herbivore groups to a geometrid larva on mountain birch

Oecologia (2000) 123, 516-524
T. Teder, M. Tanhuanpää, K. Ruohomäki, P. Kaitaniemi and J. Henriksson (2000)
Temporal and spatial variation of larval parasitism in non-outbreaking populations of a folivorous moth

Population Ecology (2000) 42, 211-223
K. Ruohomäki, M. Tanhuanpää, M.P. Ayres, P. Kaitaniemi, T. Tammaru and E. Haukioja (2000)
Causes of cyclicity of Epirrita autumnata (Lepidoptera, Geometridae): grandiose theory and tedious practice

Oecologia (1998) 116, 182-190
Pekka Kaitaniemi, Kai Ruohomäki, Vladimir Ossipov, Erkki Haukioja and Kalevi Pihlaja (1998)
Delayed induced changes in the biochemical composition of host plant leaves during an insect outbreak

Environmental Entomology (1997) 26, 1096-1104
Kai Ruohomäki, Tarmo Virtanen, Pekka Kaitaniemi and Toomas Tammaru (1997)
Old mountain birches at high altitudes are prone to outbreaks of Epirrita autumnata (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)