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EM image of Penicilllium stoloniferum virus S, the type member of the genus Gammapartitivirus (click on image to enlarge it)
Source: ICTV reports


The members of this family of viruses infect fungi, plants and protozoa. It includes, for example, the plant virus White clover cryptic virus 1, a widely distributed virus causing no symptoms on its host. Vectors are unknown, but plant viruses are usually transmitted through pollen, seeds and by grafting. In addition, plant pathogenic fungi possibly transfer some of these viruses to their plant hosts.

The Partitiviridae have isometric particles, which are non-enveloped, and between 25 and 43 nm in diameter. The capsid is constructed with 120 copies of a single coat protein. The genome consists of two linear segments of double stranded RNA (dsRNA1 and dsRNA2). Each segment has a length of around 2 kb and contains a large open reading frame. The segment dsRNA1 encodes the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP), and dsRNA2 the coat protein.

The following genera are currently entered under this family: