PLoS ONE (2017) 12 (3 - e0174532)

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Laurel J. Haavik, Kevin J. Dodds and Jeremy D. Allison (2017)
Suitability of eastern pines for oviposition and survival of Sirex noctilio F.
PLoS ONE 12 (3 - e0174532)
Abstract: The European woodwasp, Sirex noctilio F., is a pest of pines in many areas around the world. Since its introduction to North America, the distribution of S. noctilio overlaps with a known host (Pinus sylvestris) and hosts native to North America. Direct comparisons of suitability for oviposition and larval survival among these pines have not been made. We tested the relative suitability of four common pine species in northeastern North America (P. sylvestris, P. resinosa, P. banksiana, and P. strobus) as hosts for S. noctilio in a controlled, but in situ experiment. In a mixed pine forest in northern Ontario, we caged S. noctilio mating pairs on 10 freshly cut pine logs of each species, and estimated oviposition, counted adult S. noctilio (F1 generation) that emerged from logs, and calculated survivorship from egg to adult. Pinus sylvestris and P. resinosa were optimal hosts according to all three metrics of S. noctilio performance. Pinus strobus was a suitable larval host, but was not perceived as such by females, as evidenced by lower oviposition. Pinus banksiana was perceived as a suitable host by females, but was the least suitable larval host. Our results suggest that P. sylvestris and P. resinosa are more suitable hosts, at least in cut logs, than P. strobus and P. banksiana for S. noctilio in eastern North America.
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