Neocerambyx raddei

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Neocerambyx raddei (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Georgiy Jacobson
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Neocerambyx raddei Blessig, 1872 - (oak long-horned beetle, deep mountain longhorn beetle)

This beetle is found in eastern Asia, where it is a pest of oak, but can also attack chestnut trees. It is of quarantine concern and can be introduced through wood shipments. The adults are 3-5 cm long and brown. The larvae grow up to a length of 8 cm.

The adults damage the bark and feed on the exudations. The larvae bore into the wood, creating large galleries in the lower part of the trunk. These cause dieback of the trees, and make part of the wood unusable. The life cycle last around 3 years.

Massicus raddei